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American  Akita         Wir züchten aus Leidenschaft !

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Züchten heißt  in Generationen zu denken !

Unser Bestreben ist es, gesunde ,schöne und soziale Familien Hunde zu züchten ..

My name is Gerhard Apel,

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I live in Germany 47559 Kranenburg, Kuhstr. 15.
I have been married for 42 years and have two children.

Since I was 14 I have been active with dogs.

37 years ago I became a member of the ADRK (Rottweiler Club). During that time trained many dogs in Schutzhund training (protection dog) and presented them at breeding inspections and dog shows with great success.

For 25 years I have also been active as a Schutzdienst assistent at many events such as national shows and breeding inspections.

Since 1978 I have been the President of the Hundesportklub BG Kranenburg .

Since 1979 I have been successfully breeding Rottweiler with the kennel name „vom Wolfsberg“.

1986 I became a judge of the ADRK - VDH and in this capacity I was active in the whole world.

1994 I became Koering (Breeding) Supervisor of the ADRK.

For more than 15 years I was the Breeding Supervisor of the Regional Group 07 Rheinland.

From 1994 -1996 I was elected Judge Honorary President in the ADRK.

From 1996 – 2004 I was Breeding Supervisor of the ADRK and thus responsible for the breeding program and the preservation of the breed Rottweiler.

In addition, I conducted many training programs for breeders, and judges in Germany and abroad and thus have a very good reputation all over the world.

Since 2005 I have found a new challenge, the „American Akita“.

A dog breed, that fits into today’s life. They have an excellent character without any aggression and are family-friendly.

With the FCI kennel name  „Blackbear Mountains“ I started breeding the American Akita.

Gerhard Apel



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